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Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to Pick a Perfect Perfume


In this fashion world men and women are covered with perfumes. It reveals your personality, character and emotions. Smelling good is equally important as looking good. Now we can get perfumes in different colors and in different flavor. It is easy to select which is suitable for you, and the following points will help to choose a good perfume.

  • Before buying a perfume you should know about your body first, because every perfume had a smell when you’re buying. But, after attached to the skin the smell will be different. It is based on the type of the skin and body.

perfume girl
  • Avoid buying low quality perfumes which may affect your skin and may cause irritation and also this type of perfume will not give you a long smell.

  • For daily use select a perfume with more gentle and mild. And for any function go with luxury type perfumes.

  • Never choose a perfumes with someone else suggestions. Because perfumes will differently interact with each other individual’s body.

  • While buying perfume, do not test with too many perfumes. It will gives you a confusion, so five test is the maximum.  

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