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Monday, 4 February 2013

Ways to Decorate your Room Fashionably

A bedroom is a place where people spend most of their lives, and it's one of the best rooms in a house to decorate. Relaxation and unwinding from a stressful day should be a regular occurrence in your bedroom. You can make your bedroom as all you dream of with some simple ideas and tips. Here are the some best ways to make your bedroom look ten times more interesting to yourself, or visitors, than it does now.

Ways to Decorate your Room Fashionably

Pick a theme for your room: A room will look much better if everything is centered on one basic idea. You should pick any theme and decorate your room according to that theme.

Wall decorations: Walls are the perfect place to try out lots of fun and unique designs and styles. Buy a whole bunch of mismatched photos and place them on one wall. 

Bed pillows: Your bed is the centerpiece of your room, so make sure you have a comforter that you’ll enjoy looking at every day. Pick out two or more pillows, and throw them on your bed. It adds some personality to your room.

Go for contemporary furniture: Contemporary furniture has smooth, strong lines that look great with all design ideas. Not everyone likes contemporary but when you use a contemporary piece for your home, you have to focus to start with.

Paint an accent wall: Paint one wall a bold or dark color that contrasts with the rest of your walls. It makes your room stand out more. And contrast is good in this case.

Clever window dressing: Curtains are unrivaled for upping the comfort factor. The newest trend is for tall windows.

Lighting and flooring: Adding a table or floor lamp will give your room softer lighting. Wall lights are another fun way to add lighting to room, and they come in lots of fun styles.

Unique book cases: Maybe you get one with part glass part wood, or one that doubles as a nightstand. Bookcases are a great way to amp up a bedroom.

Personalize your room: Be sure to show of your individual style and get creative with your decorations. Whether you do this with photos, books, or anything like that, just add your personality to a room. It makes it much homier for you. 

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