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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fantastic Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Fantastic Holiday Hairstyle Ideas
Are you looking for a Holiday hairstyle ideas? We have got some fantastic ideas just for you and this one will be fashionable all the month long. Whether it's a charity event, family affair, or your husband's company party, it's important to have the right hairstyle for the occasion. Check out these hair trends to try this year that will put the finishing touch on your look this holiday season.

Perfect Pony Tail: The pony tail is the perfect hairstyle to try for the holidays. It's casual and classy, yet trendy and you can wear your pony high, low, pumped up, curled, straight, or swept to the side.

Side Parted Flip: Apply mousse to wet hair, blow it completely dry, then set with medium-size hot rollers, starting at your ends and working up toward your scalp. When the rollers cool, take them out and add a deep side part. Use your finger or the tip of a wide-tooth comb to separate the curls so they're not piece.

Fashionable Braids: You can add a small braid to your style to give it a little something special, braid extensions into your hair, braid your bangs back, loosely braid all of your hair for a romantic look, or turn your braid into a sleek chignon.
Holiday Hairstyles

Simple Straight: One of my favorite ways to make a statement is to just go simply straight for the holidays. It's easily done at home, you can make a shine for a polished look, and with comb in your handbag you can guarantee that your hair won't be a hot mess by the end of the evening.

Spool Shaped Topknot: Spread a bit of holiday cheer with a spool shaped topknot. It does, after all, look strikingly similar to a Christmas tree. You can have this hairstyle while attending a party.

Make it attractive with colors: You can add color by coloring your own hair, adding colored hair extensions, or try colored feathers to accentuate your holiday look. Match your outfit, or make your accessories pop with color in your hair.

Simple Hairstyle: Brush your hair over your forehead and then insert a small part in the side. Tease your hair on the sides and on the top a little bit. Collect your hair at the nape of your neck at the back and roll it into French twist. Secure it with some bobby pins.

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