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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dress Sense Tips for Men

Dressing sense, which is the most preferred thing for men, which is their ability to choose cloths that make them look attractive. They look good because of their dressing style. Dressing style is one, which is used to convey the identity of the people. General term of a fashion is Dressing style. It is equal for all types of guys, whether he is thin or fat. I've given below some of the tips for dressing sense of those peoples.

Dressing Tips for Thin Guys

skinny guys

  • Avoid wearing anything like a bulky. It will make you to look like a boy playing with his dad’s dress
  • Use Blazers with light shoulder padding. It will make your upper body look muscular
  • Avoid buying flat front pants. Instead of that use straight leg pants or slightly boot cut pants
  • Skinny men should avoid fitted shirts. This shirts will gives you a sticky look.
  • Avoid wearing pinstripes shirts. This will make you to look like more skinny.

Dressing Tips for Fat Guys

fat man

  • Avoid wearing dresses in bright colors, this will show you that you’re fat
  • Avoid using bold pattern dresses, your body looks elongate
  • Don’t keep any things like mobile phone or any electronic devices in your pockets. it helps you to make your hips looks smaller
  • Don’t wear cargo pants and front pouches, such can make you looks bigger
  • Tailors are experts in their profession, so without any hesitation you can ask a dress tips for your skinny body


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