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Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to choose Fashion Earrings

How to choose Fashion Earrings
Fashion trends are constantly changing, which may leave you wondering how to wear trendy, fashionable jewelry and clothing. Fashion jewelry is so affordable and because it comes in so many different styles, you can experiment with new fashionable jewelry. A lot can be learned through trial and error when it comes to choosing earrings. Fashion apparel and fine tolerance makeup can make you a new look, but a unique simple and elegant earrings make you become the focus. The only problem that so many face is that they don’t have an idea on what kind to buy.

It is important to choose a piece of jewelry that is complimentary to the shape of your face. The true test is checking the mirror to see how they look on you with the outfit you are wearing. To find the best earrings for you, it is important to determine your face shape. Next when purchasing and wearing earrings consider the earring size, and shape, and your skin tone.

Fashion Earrings
For oval face, you should choose an earring in which designs should be proportionate to the face and avoid very long styles. Try to use triangular shapes to dramatize the face.

For round face, wear long, vertical styles which narrow the face and use angular designs such as rectangles, trapezoids, longer angular shapes to flatter the face. Avoid large circular earrings, hoops and studs.

For square face, large oval hoops, narrow chandelier and long drop shapes are perfect and avoid short, wide styles.

If you have a heart shaped face then use hoops, curves, teardrops, triangles and other dangling space-filling designs. Triangular dangling earrings compliment the shape by widening the jaw line. Counterbalance your sharp chin with chandelier or tear drop earrings that fill in the bottom half of your face.

For triangular face, use heart shaped dangling designs. Add width to cheekbones and upper areas and also use small post styles with small, narrow dangles to create length. 

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