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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to Make Designer Fashion Earrings

We people love designer earrings, It is possible to make those jewelry by ourselves at home with many styles and designs. With a small creativity, you can make a list of earrings. So that some idea are given below 

Things needed
  • Two pieces of beads (as u like)
  • Two pieces of wire
  • A pair of nose pliers, flat nose pliers, cutting pliers for cutting the wire
  • A couple of hook ear wires
Start by taking the piece of wire. With the help of flat nose pliers hold the end of wire.  Know to make an earrings  at home, be sure that you have clean surface and good solid, or else which make the earrings dirty and damaged
Twist the wire to the right side. To get a beautiful earrings, you should be sure that your spiral was tight, hold the spiral with round nose pliers. After twisting the wire put three beads inside it and, twist the other end of the wire to the left side, don’t twist the other end of the wire too tight because we’re not able to put the hook ear wire onto it. After this arrangement , an earrings is in the shape of letter ‘S’
Before you putting the hook ear wire you should open an earring loop with the help of round nose pliers and put onto an earrings  close it with the flat nose pliers same as in the second piece of an earrings. And now you’ll get a new type of special earrings

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