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Sunday, 27 January 2013

How To Make A Fashion Anklets

stylish anklet

An Anklet chain is a jewelry worn on the Ankle. Which is mainly attracted and used by women, and which is suitable for all aged ladies. The Price levels for an anklet is depend on the type, production, methods and materials. There are so many designs and styles are available in market today. And also so many types of Anklets are also available, such as Silver Filled Anklets, Gold Filled Anklets, Beads Anklets, and Color stones Anklets etc. I have given below the instructions of making a simple and stylish Anklet.

Things needed
Gold Filled medium role chain (length of the chain is as your wish)
Gold color Bronze wishbone charm
Gold color Lobster Claw Clasp with ring
Jump Ring with Gold color
A couple of chain nose pliers

·        Cut the Gold Filled Chain by measuring your ankle.
·        Open the jump ring with the help of pliers and attached to the lobster clasp.
·         Thread one end of the chain onto the ring then close the ring.
·        Then thread the Wishbone Charm onto the chain.
·        Attached the chain on to the jump ring and close it with the help of pliers.

Now you’ll get a Simple and Stylish Gold Filled Anklet for your beautiful Ankle.

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