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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tips for Selecting Fashion Accessory

fashion accessory

Accessories plays an important role in fashion, if dress is simple or plain the right accessory does the job of looking trendy and fashionable. Fashion accessories assist compliment the impression and look of the outfit. Fashion accessories are encouraged by current trends. Accessories such as Sun glass, Shoes and Sandals, Belts fashion Jewelry are mostly attracted by Men and Women. Simple truth is most of them can’t choose the items which is suitable, so that I have given some of the accessory tips for your trendy fashion 

  • It is more important to know where you’re going, for your work place you can choose different types of studs, which is matched with your dress.
  • Chain is very important. Gold and Silver Filled chains are very popular, which will emphases your neck. Silver chain is good for modern look and Gold Filled chain is good for traditional look. The pendent color is same with your dress color means, which will be more attractive.
  • Watches are also more important. So select the one which represents your personality.
  • Bags and Purses are essential, for work or any evenings and dinner go with bold color bags or purses. Glittering type is good for grand function, which gives you a rich look.
  • Now the Fashion is Cotton and Beats Belts. For romantic look wear a leather belt, choose small width silver leather belt for Glamorous look.
  • Be sure with your Make up. For Cool Look Light fresh make up is always attractive, for killer look highlight your eyes, lips and cheeks. This gives you the desired effect.
  • Ankle Bracelets will highlight your legs in short skirts and in 3/4th pants, if you’re going to wear ladies tops having long sleeves, there is no need of Bracelets. If your tops have less sleeves then a bangle or Bracelets will look good.
  • Now in market different types of shoes and sandals are introduced. It is difficult to select but a good choice is more important, flat shoes or sandals look fashionable with jeans. Never buy a tight shoes.  

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