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Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to Choose a Perfect Tie

silk Tie

Fashion accessories can enhance perfect look. Among these, Tie is the one things people will see and remember about you. This shows your personality and your good taste. Tie gives a perfect and fashionable outfit for men. Following tips may guide to choose right and perfect for your fashionable look.

  • First decide what match with your outfit, a plain Tie or printed one.
  • Choose a Tie that has the color of your suit and shirt, which give you a matching look.
  • Select solid Tie for formal occasions, it is appropriate with everything.                                   
  • A dark Tie is suitable for businessmen. It is paired with blue shirt and for military uniform.
  • Younger men can choose colorful Ties.

How to choose a tie

  • Always choose a Tie by seeing mirror. It help us to select a right one, which is match with us
  • If your shirt has a small pattern, choose a longer Tie.
  • Select striped Tie for striped shirt. It could impressively skillful.
  • Choose a Tie that should complements your hair color, eye color and skin.
  • Select a good quality Tie made of silk. It will give you polished appearance, and the Tie will last much longer.

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