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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cool Fashion Tips for Short Men

Being shorter than average can be challenging but it doesn't have to stand in the way of being well-dressed. Dressing according to your body type is a key to your comfort and style. It can be hard to apply fashion tips for short men when you're already trying to choose occasion-appropriate clothes.  By choosing the right styles and shopping around for the best fit you can make the most of your height and carry yourself with confidence.
Cool Fashion Tips for Short Men

Here are some fashion tips for short men:      
  • Pants that are too long will emphasize your height.  Always buy the correct length or have your pants tailored to fit.
  • V-neck shirts will make your neck look longer and create an illusion of greater height while turtlenecks will have the opposite effect.
  • If you plan to tuck the shirt in, it should hang to your crotch. If you’re going un-tucked that day, go for a shorter style.
  • Double-breasted coats can make you look squatty. So wear single breasted jackets.         
  • Stick with straight ties which create a vertical line rather than bow ties.
  • Opt for square toed shoes as pointy ones will not work well for a person of shorter height. You can also opt for slight heels for an added height.
  • Avoid long hair since this tends to make the neck look shorter.
  • Make sure your socks are not showing.
  • Cardigan and pullover style sweaters should be in a thinner knit so you won’t be overwhelmed by too much yarn.


  1. Good looking, fashion for short men are really difficult. However, this tips make it easier. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I buy custom shirts in Wakefield MA at Giblees, I will be sure to use your great tips next time!

  3. Height does really matter :)
    Thanks for this one, now i can give tips to my short male friends.
    Is it just me or these outfits go best with designer glasses?



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